First, I open all the cupboards in one room, pull out the hidden and forgotten things.   I lay them on the floor, or on a bed, and brace myself for chaos.   This is my life, I say to myself, and only I can fix it.   I flatten things out, and take a close look: […]


OK folks, I think it’s time for me to saddle up again and start blogging more regularly. Since the Faber Academy finished a month or so back I’ve been cutting myself some slack. One of the best things has been reading more books in a month than I probably have all year, which has been […]


Ok, so way back when, I had the idea that this month I would do a nanowrimo-style sprint of 50,000 words to try and nail my first draft. It hasn’t quite turned out that way, but to keep myself honest I wanted to lay out, in a final reckoning, what I did achieve in July: […]


Zero words today (so far!) because we had to leave the house an hour earlier than normal and I’m afraid I couldn’t face the thought of getting up an hour earlier than normal to fit in writing too. But I did figure something out on my way back from lunch. One of my secondary character […]


You write, you plan, you think, and then life interrupts. My early morning routine is challenging just now. My office is also our guest room, and it’s currently occupied. That means I can’t sneak in at 6am and write in solitude. I know I should be more organised, and leave the laptop by my bed […]